Coconut oil and its use in hair care

coconut-oil.jpgCoconut oil is a perfect conditioning product. It takes care of hair as well as scalp. It is great as a hair mask, conditioner or as a cosmetic for hair oiling. If you use it regularly, then surely after few applications you will notice the difference. The condition of your scalp and hair will be much better than prior to the treatment.

Before the use of coconut oil, prepare yourself for the treatment. Buy good quality oil, cold pressed and unrefined. Dedicate few hours for hair oil treatment. Remember that the longer you keep cosmetic on hair, the better results you will achieve. Prepare a wide-tooth comb, a plastic cap, a towel, or a winter cap, a pot with water and a smal bowl. Then prepare water bath. Over the pot with water place a bowl with small amount of coconut oil. Wait for the product to melt. Then proceed with hair oiling or hair mask.

Deeply nourishing coconut oil.

Coconut oil contains plenty of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. These ingredients are able to easily penetrate inner hair structures and deeply condition them. This is also the reason that this product has nourishing, moisturising and regenerating properties. Wash hair thoroughly and leave hair to dry on their own; do not use blow dryer. When coconut oil will melt, rub it in hair, then comb with a wide-tooth comb. On hair put on the plastic cap and a towel, or a cap. Wait 30 minutes; in this time all ingredients contained in the oil should get to the hair bulbs and inner hair structures. After the given time, wash hair with delicate shampoo. If you want to, you can use small amount of coconut oil on hair ends alone.

Coconut oil for tangling.

Are your hair long or curly? If yes, then probably each morning you have to deal with tangling. Coconut oil will make combing and stylisation easier. Before you proceed with any of the actions, apply small amount of the cosmetic on the strands. Remember, that the dosage should be really small – otherwise it could grease hair. Next comb strands with the wide-tooth comb.

Coconut oil vs. dandruff.

Coconut oil perfectly deals with dandruff. The product has soothing, antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. If you want your skin to be healthy and hair beautiful, you must use coconut oil on regular basis. Right before the bedtime, wash your hair with delicate shampoo. Melted coconut oil massage in the roots and scalp, put on the plastic cap and the towel, and in the morning wash your hair once again. Your hair will be more beautiful and scalp calm and deprived of dandruff.

Coconut oil and colourisation.

What’s interesting is that coconut oil can be great base for colourisation. Not only will it protect hair against dryness causing ingredients in the hair dye, but will also preserve the colour. To the chosen hair dye pour small amount of coconut oil. Then proceed accordingly to the directions provided by the manufacturer of the hair dye. To wash your hair use delicate shampoo, free of SLS. To finish the treatment put on the plastic cap and leave overnight. In the morning your hair will look beautiful.

Coconut oil for hair growth.

Thanks to coconut oil, hair become longer, thicker and stronger. Vitamins and minerals contained in the product will nourish hair and scalp, but will also regulate work of sebaceous glands. If you want your hair to grow at breakneck pace, massage coconut oil in the scalp. The massage will not only boost absorption of substances from the product, but also improve blood circulation and relax you. Next put on the plastic cap and leave it overnight. In the morning, you must wash your hair – oil will absorb entirely.

Coconut oil for the regeneration of damaged hair.

Coconut oil can regenerate split ends and repair damaged strands. It will protect hair against sun radiation and other harmful factors from the external world. Apply small amount of the product on the strands and comb with a wide-tooth comb.