Refined coconut oil – what is it?

coconut-oil.jpgDid you know that refined coconut oil is frequently used in cosmetology and cuisine? How’s this possible? After all, refined oils are deprived of nourishing and active substances. Well, not exactly. In the process of purification coconut oil, are removed the remains of insects, spores of fungi and other debris that could adversely affect human health. Let’s find out how the process of obtaining coconut oil looks like, what its properties and action are.

How to obtain coconut oil?

Coconut oils are cracked, then their pulp is died in the sun. This process usually takes several weeks. In this time, coconuts are subjected to pollution; plenty of inedible substances gets to the pulp. This is why after its extraction coconut undergoes refinement, i.e. purification.

Coconut oil is obtained through pressing and crushing the pulp. To do this are used the machines using draft animals. Refined product is obtained a bit later. How is it done? Raw coconut oil is filtrated, whitewashed and heated up several times. High temperature purifies the product of all its aroma, kills bacteria and fungus. Then are removed free fats by adding chemical substances to the oil.

What is the difference between refined and unrefined coconut oil?

Unrefined coconut oil has thick consistency, characteristic scent and white-yellow colour. Refined product is deprived of coconut aroma and has clear formula. For some people this is an advantage – after all, not everyone likes this scent and prefer use of cosmetic with clear consistency. Refined coconut oil may seem for some more safe; however, it contains much less nourishing substances. Why? In the process of purification, from the product are removed all vitamins, minerals and proteins. Yet, on the other hand, the expiry date of refined oil is much longer.

Refined coconut oil – helpful information.

Refined oil is much more expensive than natural, unrefined cosmetic. It is because in the price of the product are included all the processes like, whitewash, processing and removal of fatty acids. Although, remember that organic coconut oil, which was cold presses, contains beneficial substances for your organism. Refined coconut oil is easily available product. You can find it in any bigger grocery shop or herbal store.

What are the properties and action of coconut oil?

Refined coconut oil will certainly have much weaker action than unrefined oil. Natural product nourishes organism and has positive impact on skin and hair. It holds great moisturising and smoothing properties. It eliminates wrinkles, dark circles around eyes and helps with acne. Regenerates damaged hair, eliminates dandruff, strengthens hair bulbs and follicles. On top of it, this oil is perfect for hair oiling and as an ingredient of hair masks or conditioners. If used on regular basis, can visibly improve hair and scalp condition. Thanks to coconut oil combing and stylisation are simpler than ever.